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Winchester Logic vs. Summers Logic [Requested by ninetypercentslayer]




Sex Education in American Public Schools

This is why we can’t have nice things

I am actually surprised my state is not in red anywhere.





And for all these reasons, I’ve decided to scalp you, and burn your village to the ground.


lolllllll white girl speaking as if she’s a native american and all you “non-racists” out there hailing this speech as heroic


Well Wednesday was forced to participate in this play. She’s just showing them the bullshit of thanksgiving

So a little background on the gif set

Wednesday, a member of the eccentric Addam’s Family was sent to a summer camp for, essentially, rich white kids. Now the majority of the kids are blond hair, blue eyed and are all kinda dicks; these are the kids who were all cast by the camp’s councilor as the Pilgrims.

Wednesday, along with the rest of the kids who didn’t ‘belong’ there were cast as the Native Americans.

Now the camp councilor is a total dick; right before this a scripted part of the play was Sarah Miller shitting on the Native Americans, but Wednesday, not agreeing with it and also wanting to mess with everyone at camp, gives this speech and proceeds to set the majority of the set of the play, and a bit of the camp, on fire.

She was forced into the role (and outfit) by the camp councilor, who was a racist, and then she gives a speech calling out the bullshit treatment of Native Americans

And by the way? I don’t see anyone calling ‘heroic’, because all she is doing is stating actual shit that was happening and had happened to Native Americans instead of following a racist narrative. 

Andrew Scott - Sherlock Uncovered : The Villains